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Welcome to Lotus365 India. We’re your one-stop source for betting on sports and other related activities. Be sure to read the following conditions carefully before using our services to ensure you experience a an enjoyable and seamless experience.

1. Acceptance Terms

By accessing or using our platform, you confirm that you have read and comprehended these terms and conditions, and our privacy policies, as well as any other policies we may have on our website.

2. Eligibility:

2.1. Minimum Age You have to be old the age of majority to access our services. We reserve the right to request evidence of age and may also suspend your account until the verification is completed.

2.2. Respect for Local Laws : It is your responsibility to make sure that your utilization of our service is legally permissible and in compliance to the laws and regulations applicable in your region.

3. Verification of Accounts and Registration:

3.1. Register an account To use our services, you’ll have to sign up for an account on our website. Please provide current, accurate and current information when registering.

3.2. Identity Verification We might request additional documents, such as IDs or utility bills to confirm your identity. If you don’t complete the verification process, your account might be suspended.

4. Transfers and deposits

4.1. Methods Available: Our secure withdrawal/deposit methods include credit/debit card and online banking, bank transfer and prepay cards.

4.2. Limits on Transactions based on the method you choose to deposit and withdrawal, as well as the condition on your bank account, you could be subject to certain limits on maximum and minimum amounts.

4.3. Transaction Fees – Be aware that certain transactions may be subject to fees. You will be advised of any applicable fees prior to completing the transaction.

5. Bet Rules and Conduct

5.1. Before you make a bet make yourself familiar with the rules and procedures that govern bets, odds and payouts.

5.2. Limits for betting: Our limits on betting can differ based on the type of bet, the event and market conditions.

5.3. Prohibited activities: If are involved in fraud or in violation of our rules and rules, your account will be immediately terminated or suspended.

6. Responsible Gambling

6.1. Self-Exclusion : We provide self-exclusion to help you manage your gambling behavior. You may request a temporary as well as a permanent denial of access to your account, or establish limits.

6.2. Support and Resources. If you think that you be struggling in gambling or other addictions, we have help and resources, as well as hyperlinks to organizations that are able to assist you.

7. Secure and confidential accounts:

7.1. It is your responsibility to ensure secure your accounts. This involves keeping your login details and password secure. If you believe that your account was access by a third party you should notify us immediately.

7.2. Personal Information Privacy is crucial to us. We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. Read the policy for more information.

8. Termination or Suspension of Employment:

8.1. Account Termination. The company reserves the rights in any circumstance, that includes a violation of these terms and conditions, to close your account.

8.2. Account Suspension – in the instance there is a suspicion or investigation of violation of our Terms We have the power to briefly suspend the account.

9. Intellectual Property:

9.1. You are not permitted to make use of our logos or trademarks without our written consent.

9.2. Use the Content for personal and non-commercial reasons Our website and its contents is intended for use by those who do not intend to utilize it commercially.

10. Users Responsibilities

10.1. Data Accurate: It’s your obligation to provide complete and accurate details in the registration process. If you do not adhere to the rules, your account could be terminated or suspended.

10.2. Account Security: It’s strictly prohibited to share login details or access accounts of others. Your account is entirely your responsibility.

10.3. We need to know immediately about any changes to your contact information to ensure that we can communicate effectively.

11. Betting Policies:

11.1. Odds and Payouts We try our best to provide precise odds, but errors can occur. In such instances we reserve the right to rectify the odds or settle wagers based on exact information.

11.2. Event Cancellation – If an event is cancelled or delayed, bets placed on the event will be void. They could also be settled with adjusted odds based on the situation.

11.3. If you’ve got any concerns about this, feel free to get in touch with us.

11.4. The abuse of users or staff is not accepted. Accounts that engage in this type of activity could be suspended or terminated.

12. Dispute Resolution:

12.1. Resolving Disputes are having a dispute over the bet you placed, or any else we can help you, contact our customer service department. We will conduct an investigation thoroughly and reply as fast as we can.

12.2. Arbitration If the dispute cannot be resolved in the first instance, the parties decide to arbitrate the issue according to local rules and rules and regulations.

13. Bonuses and promotions:

13.1. Promotional Terms The promotion and the bonus are subject to specific terms and conditions. It is essential to read and comprehend these terms and conditions prior to you take part.

13.2. Make Use of Bonuses Discreetly The bonus may come with requirements for wagering and are meant for leisure. Account suspensions may be enforced when you misuse bonus offers or commit a fraudulent manner.

14. Amending Terms and Conditions

14.1. Notice of Changes We reserve the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions of Service at anytime. You will be notified about any changes via specific channels.

14.2. Acceptance of Changes: By continuing to use our services following any change you agree to the latest conditions and terms.

15. Termination of Service:

15.1. Termination Process We may cease our business at any point and without notice. We will try our best to settle all bets that are outstanding and to manage funds in a proper manner in these situations.

15.2. Limitation of Liability. We will not be held responsible for any service interruption because of unforeseeable circumstances and maintenance or any other cause.

16. Limitation of Liability

16.1. Disclaimer: We do not make any promises or warranties regarding the reliability, accuracy, or quality of our services. Utilizing our platform is at your own risk.

16.2. 16.2. Indemnification. We will indemnify us and keep us harmless from any liabilities, claims or losses arising out of your use of the services or any breach in this Agreement.

17. The Jurisdiction and the Governing Law:

17.1. Legal Applicability: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction within where we have the registered address of our company.

17.2. 17.2. Dispute Resolution: All disputes result from these Terms and conditions will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in area of jurisdiction.

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