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Youngest and Oldest Players to Score a Century in Test Cricket

youngest and oldest players to score a century in test cricket

Well, the significance of scoring a hundred in Test cricket can never be underestimated but doing so at a very old or tender age creates more curiosity. The discussion will center on the remarkable achievements of these two players.

Youngest Players to Score a Century

1. Mohammad Ashraful – 17 Years, 61 Days

In 2001, against Sri Lanka; Mohammad Ashraful of Bangladesh became the youngest centurion in test cricket when he hit a century at just 17 years and 61 days. His innings of 114 runs made headlines and set the tone for his career.

2. Mushtaq Mohammad – 17 Years, 78 Days

Mushtaq Mohammed of Pakistan came second as far as being the most younger player to score hundreds in test matches is concerned after making exactly one hundred runs versus India at seventeen years seventy-eight days old. Mushtaq’s early brilliance was an indication that greater things were yet to come for him in his journey as a cricketer.

3. Sachin Tendulkar – 17 Years, 107 Days

The legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar scored his first Test century aged just seventeen years and one hundred seven days playing against England in 1990 at Old Trafford when he remained not out with only nineteen runs left to get off fifty overs bowled by England’s bowling attack. This was followed by many records and centuries during his illustrious career.

Oldest Players to Score a Century

1. Jack Hobbs – 46 Years, 82 Days

England’s Jack Hobbs holds the record for being the oldest player to score a Test century after he did it when he was aged forty six years and eighty two days versus Australia in old Trafford back in nineteen twenty nine which indeed signified important milestones achieved by this great man. His exceptional longevity and tremendous ability were simply astounding.

2. Patsy Hendren – 45 Years, 151 Days

Another Englishman, Patsy Hendren was a centurion at the age of forty five years and one hundred fifty one days playing against Australia in Brisbane.In support of this argument, he scored 132 runs. It is always said that Numbers don’t mean anything but they do a lot as far as cricket players are concerned.

3. Dave Nourse – 42 Years, 295 Days

In his test match cricket career, South African cricketer Dave Nourse scored one century when he was forty two years and two hundred ninety-five days old against England in Durban. His knock yielded one hundred and eleven runs which showed his incredible talent and determination to play cricket for the national team even at an advanced age.

Mohammad Ashraful17 years, 61 days114Sri Lanka2001
Mushtaq Mohammad17 years, 78 days101India1961
Sachin Tendulkar17 years, 107 days119*England1990
Jack Hobbs46 years, 82 days142Australia1929
Patsy Hendren45 years, 151 days132Australia1934
Dave Nourse42 years, 295 days111England1923

The Betting Perspective

These remarkable feats can also influence betting dynamics in Test cricket. When young talents or experienced veterans are part of a team, it often impacts the odds for individual performances. Bettors might find value in placing bets on young prodigies to make their mark or on seasoned players to leverage their experience. For instance, betting on a player to score a century can offer enticing odds, especially when you consider their age and current form. With a Lotus365 ID, you can engage in these bets, adding an exciting dimension to your cricket-watching experience.

The youngest and oldest players to score centuries in Test cricket have set remarkable records, showcasing talent and perseverance. From Mohammad Ashraful’s youthful exuberance to Jack Hobbs’ timeless skill, these players have etched their names in cricket history. Understanding these achievements not only enriches our appreciation of the game but also adds depth to betting strategies. Stay connected with Lotus365 to explore more about cricket’s greatest performances and enjoy every thrilling moment of the game.

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