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Why Your Seat at the Poker Table Matters

your seat at the poker table matters

Your position in poker is one of the most important things to take into account when devising a strategy and making decisions. It can be very helpful if you are aware of the significance of position playing and have some tips for using it efficiently. In this blog, we will dig deep into the specifics of position play, explaining why your seat at the table matters and giving advanced tips on how to use your seat at Lotus365.

Understanding Position in Poker

In poker, position refers to where a player sits relative to the dealer button. The two main positions are:

Early Position (EP): These are seats located just leftwards from big blind. Act first after flop.

Late Position (LP): These comprise all seats on the right side of dealer button including cutoff (one seat right to button) and button itself. Act last after flop.

There are also middle positions (MP) between early and late positions, but the primary focus is on the advantages and disadvantages of early versus late positions.

The Advantages of Late Position

Late position has several key benefits:

Information Advantage: Being last means you know what others have done before making a decision. You can observe how many players are in pot or their betting patterns prior to finalizing your move.

Control of Pot: It is easier to manage pot size when you are playing in late position such that you can decide whether to check, bet or raise based on previous actions.

Bluffing Opportunities: Late position is excellent for bluffing because you will be able to identify if other players are interested in winning money through pots and exploit them more efficiently than normal play situations would allow you.

Playing a Wider Range: Better understanding hand dynamics allows you to play more hands from later positions as they navigate post-flop action better than any other situation would enable one to do so.

Strategies for Early Position

While early position is generally considered less advantageous, there are strategies that can reduce its disadvantages:

Play Tighter: When you have less information, it is important to play tighter and more passively. Play hands that you think are the strongest and which you hope will be able to withstand pressure from many opponents.

Strong Betting: In case you do decide to get involved in a hand from early position, use strong betting as a way of trying to take control and eliminate players who could win against you post-flop.

Positional Awareness: Always understand your position well as well as tendencies that players on later positions tend to exhibit so that they can guide you on how best to react based on what they may be doing.

Advanced Position Play Techniques

In higher level games, gaining complete mastery of positional play involves the use of sophisticated tactics and greater understanding of game dynamics:

Stealing Blinds: On late position especially on the button, find opportunities for stealing blinds through raises. Particularly useful against tight opponents who fold easily.

Positional Raises: Raise when in late position with wider range of cards thus isolating loose weak players and taking control of the pot.

Floating: Floating entails calling a bet with the intention of bluffing on another street. It works better when in position because one can put pressure after seeing an opponent’s move.

Squeeze, don’t call: Squeeze the raiser and the caller if you are in a late position. This forces them to fold, particularly when they have medium hands.

Position Use on Lotus365

Playing on Lotus365 gives you a chance to improve your position game. Below are some of the tips specific to online play:

Multitabling: On each table, be more conscious about the positions of your cards when multitabling. Therefore, adjust your style with respect to where you are seated in relation to the button.

Tracking Software: Utilize tracking software so that an analysis of your game can be done showing how performance varies from one position to another. In this regard it becomes easier to identify areas that need improvement.

Opponent Adjustment: Online poker allows for opponent tracking. This means that you have an opportunity to make positional adjustments based on the tendencies exhibited by players at your table.


Positional play is one of those aspects of poker strategy which can have a big impact on how well you perform at the tables. By appreciating the benefits accrued through being in late position, implementing strategies aimed at minimizing downsides associated with early seat disadvantages as well as adopting advanced techniques; all this will help better your overall poker playing technique. Whether live or online on Lotus365 mastering position play will give you an edge over other players in games. So keep practicing, stay disciplined and use your seating arrangement wisely. Good luck and may the Lotus365 gods bless every flop!

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