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Top 10 Fastest Centuries by Pakistani Cricketers

top 10 fastest centuries by pakistani cricketers

Pakistan has produced some of the most explosive batsmen in cricket history. Their ability to score centuries at a rapid pace has thrilled fans and often turned matches on their head. Here, we celebrate the top 10 fastest centuries by Pakistani cricketers, highlighting their remarkable achievements.

1. Shahid Afridi – 37 Balls vs Sri Lanka, 1996

Shahid Afridi, known as “Boom Boom” Afridi, holds the record for the fastest century by a Pakistani cricketer. In just his second ODI, Afridi smashed a 37-ball century against Sri Lanka in 1996. This blistering knock set the stage for Afridi’s career as one of cricket’s most exciting and explosive players.

2. Misbah-ul-Haq – 56 Balls vs Australia, 2014

Misbah-ul-Haq, usually known for his calm and steady batting, surprised everyone with a 56-ball century against Australia in 2014. This knock equaled the record for the fastest Test century at the time, showcasing Misbah’s ability to switch gears when needed.

3. Shahid Afridi – 45 Balls vs India, 2005

Afridi appears again on this list with another rapid century, this time against arch-rivals India. His 45-ball hundred in 2005 is remembered for its sheer aggression and dominance, making it one of the most thrilling innings in the history of India-Pakistan cricket.

4. Umar Akmal – 46 Balls vs Bangladesh, 2010

Umar Akmal, one of Pakistan’s talented middle-order batsmen, scored a brilliant 46-ball century against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup 2010. His aggressive stroke play and quick scoring helped Pakistan post a formidable total.

5. Imran Nazir – 57 Balls vs Zimbabwe, 2007

Imran Nazir’s 57-ball century against Zimbabwe during the 2007 ICC World T20 was a display of power hitting. His innings was crucial in helping Pakistan secure a comfortable victory in the tournament.

6. Abdul Razzaq – 60 Balls vs South Africa, 2010

Abdul Razzaq’s 60-ball century against South Africa in 2010 is remembered for its sheer determination and power. Chasing a challenging target, Razzaq’s explosive batting turned the game in Pakistan’s favor, leading to an unforgettable victory.

7. Mohammad Yousuf – 68 Balls vs Zimbabwe, 2002

Mohammad Yousuf, known for his elegant batting, scored a rapid 68-ball century against Zimbabwe in 2002. His innings showcased his ability to blend classical stroke play with aggressive intent.

8. Fakhar Zaman – 70 Balls vs South Africa, 2021

Fakhar Zaman’s 70-ball century against South Africa in 2021 was a masterclass in aggressive batting. His fearless approach and powerful hitting kept the opposition bowlers under constant pressure.

9. Ijaz Ahmed – 68 Balls vs India, 1997

Ijaz Ahmed’s 68-ball century against India in 1997 was a vital innings in a high-stakes match. His aggressive batting helped Pakistan secure a memorable win against their rivals.

10. Saeed Anwar – 73 Balls vs New Zealand, 1994

Saeed Anwar’s 73-ball century against New Zealand in 1994 was an early indication of his ability to score quickly. Anwar’s fluid stroke play and quick running between the wickets made this century a standout performance.

PlayerBallsOpponentYearKey Highlights
Shahid Afridi37Sri Lanka1996Fastest ODI century by a Pakistani
Misbah-ul-Haq56Australia2014Fastest Test century
Shahid Afridi45India2005Aggressive knock against arch-rivals
Umar Akmal46Bangladesh2010Key innings in Asia Cup
Imran Nazir57Zimbabwe2007Power hitting in T20 World Cup
Abdul Razzaq60South Africa2010Match-winning innings
Mohammad Yousuf68Zimbabwe2002Blend of elegance and aggression
Fakhar Zaman70South Africa2021Modern-day power hitting
Ijaz Ahmed68India1997Crucial knock against India
Saeed Anwar73New Zealand1994Early sign of quick scoring ability

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