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Most Goals Scored in a Single Season by a Player

most goals scored in a single season by a player

The ultimate target is to score goals in football – some players have done so remarkably by netting an astonishing number of goals within one season. The record breaking performances will never be forgotten in the sport and herein, we look at most goals scored in a single season by players bringing out their incredible achievements and input towards football.

1. Lionel Messi – 2011/2012 Season

For FC Barcelona Lionel Messi scored an unbelievable 73 in the 2011/2012 season which remains a record for the highest number of goals ever scored during a single season. This achievement was made possible because of his excellent dribbling skills and vision combined with his fantastic scoring ability. During this historical season, he bagged 50 La Liga goals, 14 UEFA Champions League ones and added nine other competitions thus dominating on all fronts.

2. Gerd Müller – 1972/1973 Season

In the year 1972/1973 Gerd Müller the legendary German striker amazingly struck Bayern Munich with sixty seven (67) goals. His nickname “Der Bomber” was derived from his extraordinary goal-scoring abilities, which ensured that Bayern Munich enjoyed local dominance as well as European conquests. This knack for clinically finishing chances placed him firmly among football’s greatest strikers.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo – 2014/2015 Season

Cristiano Ronaldo displayed some marvelous talent and consistency after putting into the back of Real Madrid nets sixty-one (61) times over the course of the entire campaign for them that was in 2014-15. His strength, heading ability, physicality and powerful shots made him always dangerous to defenses. In addition to forty-eight LaLiga strikes, he netted ten times at UEFA Champions League level hence proving his worth both domestically and internationally.

4. Dixie Dean – 1927/1928 Season

Everton’s Dixie Dean incredibly hit sixty balls into opponents’ nets over the course of the 1927-8 season – a feat which is still regarded as a legend in English Football. The fact that he still holds this record for the highest number of goals ever scored by an English first division player shows how extraordinary it was; Dean’s physicality, heading ability, and predatory instincts all played major roles in his success. The contribution that Dean made during this fantastic season was very important to Everton.

5. Josef Bican – 1943/1944 Season

Josef Bican managed to score fifty seven (57) goals for Slavia Prague in 1943/1944 seasons one of the best strikers football has ever seen. His incredible ability in front of goal symbolizes a great quality and consistency within him as evidenced by his career records on goal scoring. Such an ease of putting the ball behind opponents’ back lines made him a supreme force while playing at European level.

6. Eusebio – 1967/1968 Season

The Portuguese forward Eusebio netted fifty six (56) times for Benfica in the 1967/68 season. Nicknamed “The Black Panther,” Eusébio speed, strength and finishing talents saw him become one of the finest players of his time. During this amazing goal-scoring campaign Benfica experienced highly successful campaigns both domestically and internationally.

7. Jimmy McGrory – 1927/1928 Season

Jimmy McGrory scored fifty five (55) times for Celtic during season 1927-28; he was known as Scotland’s greatest scorer ever with remarkable ability to head balls into nets naturally possessed by only few Scottish forwards till today even though there were many others who have done more numerous goals than him later on in life during their careers at celtic park . In such an amazing season, Celtic had many victories and thus cemented his place among club legends.

8. Ferenc Deák – 1945/1946 Season

Szentlőrinci AC was the team, for which Ferenc Deák – the Hungarian goal-scoring machine, scored sixty six (66) goals during season 1945-46. The constant ability to find the back of the net made him one of football’s most successful scorers at that time. These are all milestones in Hungarian soccer.

9. Robert Lewandowski – 2020/2021 Season

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski scored 48 goals in the 2020/2021 season, showing his amazing form and consistency. His ability to score from different positions and exceptional finishing has made him one of the best forwards in football today. This record-breaking season included 41 Bundesliga goals which surpassed Gerd Müller’s long standing record.

10. Luis Suárez – 2015/2016 Season

FC Barcelona’s Luis Suárez scored a total of 59 times during the course of the 2015-16 campaign. In achieving this remarkable feat, Suarez’ agility along with dribbling skills as well as clinical finishing have come into play. These goals were instrumental in both domestic and international success for Barcelona that term hence establishing his place among world football’s finest marksmen.

In this way, they have achieved impressive feats such as scoring most goals in any given season thereby displaying their incredible talent, constancy, resolution among others. Their truly notable triumphs have left indelible marks on sport and continue to serve as an inspiration to generations yet unborn.

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