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How to Apply the James Bond Betting Strategy in Roulette

how to apply the james bond betting strategy in roulette

The James Bond approach to betting was named after a fictional British spy and is intended to place bets on several numbers on a roulette wheel. The purpose of this system is to spread the stake across many sections in order to strike a balance between risk and profit.

The James Bond strategy is a type of flat betting meaning that every bet placed has an equal amount. This includes placing three bets that together cover over 50 percent of the table. Here’s how it works.

High Numbers (19-36) – Place $140 on high numbers

Six Line Bet (13-18) – $50 should go on a six-line bet which covers two adjacent rows with 3 numbers each.

Zero – To account for house edge, put down $10 as your wager on zero.

This strategy will cover twenty-five out of thirty-seven numbers found on European Roulette wheel making you have 67.6% chance to win per spin

Advantages of Using the James Bond Strategy

There are several advantages offered by the strategy used by James Bond players in roulette:

Wide Range Coverage; It raises your chances of winning in every round by covering most parts of a table.

Balanced Risk-Reward; It balances possible payoffs with higher chances of success.

Simplicity; This plan is easy to get and implement thus suitable for both newbies and experienced gamers.

Implementing James Bond Strategy

While implementing this strategy, you need some starting capital that will allow you to exactly make those bets. For instance, an average bet would be $200. Let’s see how it works in practice:

Put $140 On High Numbers (19-36)

Place $50 on Six-line Bet (13-18)

Bet Zero for ten dollars ($10).

Doing so will ensure that you have covered somewhat more than half of the field increasing your chances of winning. Here are the payouts:

High Numbers: $140 bet pays $280 ($80 profit)

Six Line: $50 bet pays $300 ($100 profit)

Zero: $10 bet pays $360 ($160 profit)

Risks and Drawbacks

However, there are drawbacks or risks associated with the James Bond strategy:

Large Initial Stake; It requires a huge initial bankroll to cover all such bets.

Risk of Loss; If the ball lands anywhere between 1 and 12, your total amount of money will be lost.

There Is No Way In Which You Can Win For Sure; Like all other systems of betting, it does not have impact on these odds.

Tips for Using James Bond Strategy

To get the most out of the James Bond strategy, make sure that you:

Have a Budget: Determine a set budget for your gambling session and stick to it without chasing losses beyond your means financially speaking.

Start Small: In case your bankroll doesn’t allow for wagering around $200 as per usual stakes for this type, you can scale down proportionally.

Focus on Even-Money Bets: This is because the James Bond Strategy takes into account quite a portion of the board; however, incorporating even-money wagers like red/black or odd/even can further diversify your risk.

Know When to Walk Away: Additionally, it is important to know when you should leave the game especially if you have hit your predetermined win limit or loss limit.

Practice Online: Another tip is practicing with virtual money at Lotus365 games using the James Bond strategy. Thus, you will be able to improve your skills and get more confident.


The James Bond Strategy is one of the effective and simple betting systems that could boost your roulette play. Understanding how this technique works, its pros and cons helps in making informed choices when using it. Platforms such as Lotus365 Casino offer an excellent testing ground for strategies. Get a Lotus365 today and enjoy numerous games including roulette with different gambling options. In our lottery betting service at Lotus365 Satta Matka we guarantee fair playthrough and exciting gaming experience by putting emphasis on entertainment as well as security considerations.

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